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"The individual psyche is not just a product of personal experience.  
It also has a pre-personal and trans-personal dimension which is manifested in universal patterns and images such as found in all the world's religions and mythologies."

~ Edinger


Rituals can be helpful tools in our work towards recovery, self-discovery and healing. 


Simply burning a candle and reciting a favorite poem in a space you set aside as 'sacred' can create powerful magick in your life. 


As a therapist I work with many tools including those that many spiritual traditions such as paganism, yoga, buddhism and christian mysticism.  


Mysticism, Hermetic Qabalah & Pagan Studies, Scott D. Gilliam, PhD, LMFT, Soultender Therapy ServicesRituals are time honored traditions that we can use to remind ourselves of our journey and to find our center in whatever form it may take. 


I draw from the mystery traditions of the East and West to provide spiritual tools for self-exploration, healing and development.


Spiritual tools can be useful in helping us heal, grow and enrich our lives.  Hermetic Qabalah, Indigenous traditions and Eastern Spirituality offer a plethora of tools to draw upon.  Some of the tools that I teach are medication, ritual and psycho-spiritual exercises.


Meditation can help to quiet the mind and create a stable sense of inner peace.  It can also bring spiritual energies into one's life for healing and greater clarity.  There are many meditation techniques to choose from; some are active and some are passive.  I draw upon meditations from a variety of traditions to meet individual people's needs. 


Rituals can help to make an imprint on our unconscious and plant seeds to the results that we desire and tend in therapy.


Psycho-spiritual exercises are techniques for uniting the mind and body to bring about different states of awareness that can be healing, restorative and spiritually informative. Some examples include working with the chakras and the breath, The Middle Pillar exercise of the Hermetic Qabalah where sound and images are used together, and sacred movement that works with breath and intention. 


Psycho-spiritual exercises are tools that place great power and beauty in your hands to explore the magnificence of your body, the inner dimensions of your soul and the majesty of the spiritual world.


These spiritual tools from the traditions of Yoga, Hermetic Qabalah and Paganism can be used with any tradition:  Pagans focus on god or goddess and an invocation; christians can use a psalm and an image of christ, or someone who is 'simply spiritual but not religious' can use any tradition that they are drawn to.


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Mysticism, Hermetic Qabalah & Pagan Studies, Scott D. Gilliam, PhD, LMFT, Soultender Therapy Services

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"For two personalities to meet is like
mixing two different
chemical substances: 
if there is any combination 
at all, both are transformed."

~ C.G. Jung