psychotherapy for 
children, adolescents & adults


Psychotherapy can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction.  


Clients come to me for several reasons:  I am qualified to treat many issues including Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Insomnia, and Bipolar Disorder.  


The following is just a sample of some of my specialties:  Depression, self-esteem, self-empowerment, overcoming habits and addiction, to find freedom from inner struggles and to discover a great depth of personal purpose and meaning or to find a new life direction.

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Depth Psychology, Soultender Therapy Services, Los Angeles, CA

Depression and mood disorders can be a call from your innermost self for attention.  No matter the cause, depression is a time when we must go within and deal with painful feelings that need to be worked through and healed.  I can help you find the guideposts to finding your way out of the dark into new light if you feel as if you can't shake those feelings.

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reiki &
energy Psychology

Reiki & Energy Psychology, Soultender Therapy Services, Los Angeles, CA

Anxietycan be debili- tating, but there is an answer; you can leave panic and anxiety behind and enjoy life and your relationships again.


We'll explore the source of your anxiety so you can experience contentment, peace and calm in your life and relationships.  Anxiety doesn't have to be a part of your everyday life.

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kundalini yoga
& meditation

Addictionsteals time, time from your family, time from your career, time from your life.  


If you're suffering from addiction and just want to stop, once and for all, I can help.  You were meant to live a live of meaning and substance and experience significant relationships, free from addiction.

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hermetic qabalah &
pagan studies

Hermetic Qabalah & Pagan Studies, Soultender Therapy Services, Los Angeles, CA

Grief seems to swallow every waking moment of every day.  It has no time frame and there's no "right" or "wrong" way to grieve.


You must experience it in order to experience the beauty of the relationship that once was, but you needn't go through it alone.  Call me today;  I can help.

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Life transitions come in many forms; some forced such as the loss of a loved one and some voluntary when you know there's a better life waiting and you simply need help and guidance in getting there.


If you're going through a life transition and finding it rough going or need clarity, I can help! 

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Scott D. Gilliam, PhD, LMFT, Soultender Therapy Services, Los Angeles, CA



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"For two personalities to meet is like
mixing two different
chemical substances: 
if there is any combination 
at all,
both are transformed."

~ C.G. Jung