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"Perhaps Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations.
You are originally unlimited and perfect.
Later you take on limitations and become the mind."

~ Sri Ramana Maharishi


Meditation is an important method to know for many reasons. Not only can it help reduce tension and stress but it can also help us learn to relax and to direct our attention in useful ways. This is important because where you put your attention is what tends to grow.


Meditation is the natural state of mind when it is focused and relaxed. It reveals our true nature and helps us hear that 'still small voice' within.


Regular meditation helps clean the windows to the soul, and keeps us in touch with our best selves.


I offer meditation classes to help with stress reduction, relief from obsessions and personal spiritual growth; both basic meditation groups as well as more individualized instruction are available.


I draw from traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Kundalini Yoga and the Qabalah.


Enjoy a video by the late Eastern Philosopher Alan Watts' from his 1971 special "A Conversation With Myself" combined with visuals from the great art film "Baraka".

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"For two personalities to meet is like
mixing two different
chemical substances: 
if there is any combination 
at all, both are transformed."

~ C.G. Jung